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Printable Wireframe Templates for Designers

Planning apps or websites is not always completely digital: sometimes you may need pencil, paper and some good sketch sheet templates to speed up your creative process.

Precision Grid

Multipurpose grid with column marks

A generic A4 grid template with column marks ideal for website wireframes as well as icon, font and logo design.


Browser + Grid

Single Browser mockup for website design

A single web browser frame where to sketch your site pages, available with and without dots.


4-Up Browsers + Grid

Four Mini-Browsers, ideal for quick drafts

Multiple browser frames that may come in hand to get your ideas down at the speed of light! Available with and without dots.


2-Up Mobiles + Grid

Two smartphone devices with extended screen

Ideal for pages full of content. Print it on A4 paper to get the real dimension of a 4.7'' device (iPhone 7).


4-Up Mobiles + Grid

Multiple smartphone device mockups

That's ideal for app design and - as all the other framed sheets - available with and without dots.


Tablet + Grid

A tablet device mockup for app design

This template has been designed for wireframing apps at tablet resolution. Print it on A4 to get the real dimension of a 9.7'' device (iPad Air 2).


4-Up Tablets + Grid

Multiple tablets device mockups

Four tablet device mockups to save paper when designing app or website drafts. Available with and without dots.



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Files are distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. In other words you can remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially.

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