Pad Sketch Sheets

For designing responsive layouts of your websites or Pad / iPad applications. Sneakpeekit Pad© provides two versions of the same iPad mockup, with and without grids. Just print them and start sketching!

Free License: Feel free to download and use our templates for personal projects with attribution back to Remember that you may not sell, distribute or offer for download our files on other websites. Promotion is appreciated.

iPad Mockups

Sneakpeekit Pad© is a pixel-perfect iPad mockup for web designers and developer who need quickly draft their projects.

Quick Sketch
  • Without grids
  • Ideal for quick sketches and drafts

Downloaded 22397 times

Detailed Sketch
  • 5px width grids
  • Ideal for detailed sketching

Downloaded 27472 times

Sneakpeekit Browser

Quickly design awesome website mockups on our Sneakpeekit Browser©. We provide a large sketch sheets collection with PSD grid templates.

Sneakpeekit Mobile

For designing responsive layouts (vertical 320px / horizontal 480px) of your websites or iPhone / Android apps.

Sneakpeekit Wireframe

Sneakpeekit Wireframe© is an essential tool for web designers, developers or graphic designers.


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