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Sketchbooks for Web Designers coming soon

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Two weeks have passed since we launched Sneakpeekit. We have received many visits thanks to Twitter and some important webdesign blogs. We have also received many encouraging emails from you. All that basically means that we are on the right way to think about producing sketchbooks. We are currently analysing what are your favourite sketch […]

Web Designers love Sneakpeekit!

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Sneakpeekit went online 4 days ago and we have already reached 3,000 visits, thanks to design blogs like Codrops, WebAppers, Design Daily, Tripwire Magazine, Speckyboy and your tweets. This is a really good sign because it sounds like: “Web Designers love Sneakpeekit!”. We are really enthusiastic for that. Please, don’t forget to send us your […]

Sketch sheets for Web Designers

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Hello world! We are glad to announce the launch of Sneakpeekit! We provide for free pixel-perfect grids respecting the most common and modern grid systems (from 320px up to 1140px canvasses), included responsive grid systems like Less Framework 4, 978 grid system, 1140 css grid, The Semantic grid system, Bootstrap from Twitter, etc.